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Ideas to make money in Kenya are plentiful and diverse. You looking for a plan that could potentially help make money. In this article, we shall suggest various ways for making money in the twenty-first century. You are welcome to pick one proposal and implement it to benefit from our ideas resource.

One good idea, if properly implemented, will help you earn a great deal of money in the short and long term. The best plans to make money can attract money (to you,) so that you don’t struggle to earn dough.

Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” Jim Ron

Euro bank notes - money making ideas
Euro banknotes

We are discussing both on and offline schemes of making money that is lucrative and easy to implement.


Agriculture Economy: The most profitable agribusiness ideas to make money


Most people think that agriculture is a dirty venture because it involves working the soil or animal sheds. Well, things are very different in the 21st century. Farming is a big business, and it is hugely profitable in a modern technological world.

Here are some agribusiness ideas that are leading money earners for investors in agriculture:

a) Marketing agricultural products

Did you know that farmers can produce high-quality farm products but do not know where to sell them? What if you use the internet to create a market for a particular farm product? For example, you could create a market for snail farmers. 


What do you need to create a market?

  • A domain name
  • A website
  • A website host


Where do you buy a domain name from?


I buy my domain names from Namecheap. You will need a domain name if you decide to pick this idea (marketing agribusiness products).


Where do you buy website hosting services?

My website host is Dream host. I work with Dream host because they are cheap and reliable.


How do you use a website to market farm products?

You will have farmers list their products on your website. Your job is to market and promote your website so buyers can find and buy listed products.


How do you make money marketing agri-products?

You charge a small fee on every product sale. You are also at liberty to sell ad space on your website to make more money. Find three make money ideas in agriculture here.


vegetables - Ideas to make money
These are not vegetables – this is money


b) Vermicomposting

The cultivation of earthworms is an easy and cheap way of making good money. Kenya imports more than 22,000 metric tonnes of synthetic fertilizer every year. Worms produce organic manure. Organic manure is way better than synthetic fertilizer. Thus, the demand is high for compost manure made through vermicomposting.

What are the requirements of rearing worms?

i) You need space

ii) bins for composting manure

iii) kitchen waste e.g., potato peels, vegetables, bread, etc.

iv) 1kg of earthworms

v) Shade

Where can I buy red worms in Kenya?

From Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology.

The cost of red worms in Kenya is?

One kilogram of red worms goes for Kenya Shillings 2,500. 

Which type of earthworm to rear?

Red Wigglers are the best type of earthworms to rear for commercial production of manure. Red Wigglers multiply fast. In one year, one kilogram of worms will multiply up to 4,000 kilograms.

Is vermicomposting profitable?

One thousand kilograms of red worms produce 1,000kgs of vermiculture per day. In Kenya, 1kg of vermiculture sells at Kenya shillings 50. Hence, you make 50,000 Kenya shillings every day. Find more information here.


c) Mushroom Farming Agribusiness


Mushroom farming is a profitable business because the demand is higher than the supply.

 What do you need to get into this lucrative agribusiness venture?

  • Training in mushroom farming
  • Capital requirement is around 200 thousand Kenya shillings
  • A (10×10)sqft mud hut with a grass roof
  • A steady supply of clean water
  • Spawn
  • A market for your mushrooms
  • Join a network of mushroom farmers to help find buyers


Training in Mushrooms Farming


Jomo Kenyatta University Agriculture and Technology is the place to go for mushroom farming training. The training is available to all members of the community.


You can also choose to consult someone who is already doing it, such as Caro at 0727 626 2 54. This will allow you to see a mushroom farm, learn about marketing, get a mentor, as well as acquire a networking opportunity. She will be of great assistance to you. There is a lot of money in mushroom farming.

The Gig Economy: Make money online with a marketable skill


What do you need to make money online in the 21st century?

  • A marketable skill
  • A computer
  • Internet access
  • Internet browsing ability
  • Basic writing skills

What is a marketable skill?

“A marketable is any skill that can be added to your resume to boost the chances of employment. A marketable skill positions you to receive a call from an employer to speak with them during an interview. You can earn these skills in a freelance capacity a full-time role with an organization.”

Examples of in-demand marketable skills in 2021

  • Cloud computing
  • Critical analysis
  • Artificial intelligence development
  • Sales skills
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Digital marketing
  • Cybersecurity


How to acquire an online marketable skill


To acquire a marketable skill you need to take a course in an area of interest to you. There are many courses to choose from in any given industry. I like marketing. So I went for marketing courses which made me an expert internet marketing professional.


Now I make money online as a digital marketing specialist. The good thing about the internet is the availability of free courses. You have no excuses not to learn because you can start learning for free right now.


Crucial Tip:


Never try to make money online without acquiring a marketable skill first. Otherwise, you will never make a meaningful income. Take a course first, and use the skill you learn to make money online.


Where do you find free online courses with certificates?


I will mention only 5 free online course platforms; otherwise, there are hundreds of them online. These are the ones I have personally used:


Udemy offers both free and paid-for courses for any interested learner worldwide. I take started by taking free courses on this platform and today I’m able to pay for my training needs. They have some of the best courses on the planet.


They offer free courses on a skill of your choice


All their courses are geared towards creative skills in IT


Want to learn media and journalism? Alison has it all. Get courses for specific jobs.



Google offers some of the most in-demand courses worldwide. With a Google course certificate, you become a much sort after expert and professional.


Gig economy marketplaces – where to find work using your marketable skill online

These are a few examples of gig economy marketplaces that you could join.

Take a course to acquire a skill certification. Certificates prove that you are trained in your career of choice. Every gig economy marketplace shall ask for certification to let you join.

What to do with your marketable skill to grow rich sooner

The best move would be to start a business. Let’s say you have a certificate in Google ads, you could start your ad agency using your Google certification. This way you make much more money than your peers who opt for ordinary employment.

Ideas to make money Conclusion

There are many ways you should use to make money both on and offline. In this article, we discussed trending methods by which you can make a decent level of income for yourself. There are many making opportunities. What you need to know and understand is that skills attract money. Therefore, without skill, you will struggle to earn a living in this brutal economy.

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