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Can Money Save a Marriage, People

Can Money Save a Marriage in the 21st Century?

A married couple out in the woods - can money save a marriage
A married couple out in the woods

Two people are married, but they constantly fight.

One day, the husband insists on them enrolling in a couples therapy class.

The couple is shocked by the discovery that they have been fighting over finances and living expenses.

The two of them move out of their home and live on opposite ends of town to try to fix their relationship.

During their journey back together, the husband realizes he loves his wife and wants her back more than anything.

However, $10,000 is standing in the way of him getting her back and he is unable to change his mind about not wanting to give away that much money.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “but I really can’t do that. It’s a lot of money,” but she couldn’t hear him anymore.

Money can’t save marriages

Marriage is a shared responsibility between two people.

It’s important to work together and support each other in order to make sure that you are both happy.

This is not always easy, especially when one of the partners isn’t happy with their finances.

Money can’t save marriages, but it can help couples be less stressed about money and strive for more financial independence.

One way for couples to do this is by making sure that both members are on the same page about finance planning:

  • saving for retirement
  • college funds
  • etc.

Why money can’t save a marriage

Professor in the military, in between deployments is in the office talking with his wife.

“So, why money can’t save a marriage?” I ask my wife. “I don’t know,” she says. “You left me for two weeks to go to the hospital. Can you even do that?”

“Well, actually,” I say, “I did it twice.”

“Oh you did, get out of my house,” my wife says with a red angry face.

Can money save a marriage?…

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